Schools have a statutory duty to register ECTs with an Appropriate Body before they start work in school. 

The appointment of an Appropriate Body is a statutory requirement for the induction period and an ECT cannot start their induction until their Appropriate Body has been agreed.

London District East Teaching School Hub provides a comprehensive Appropriate Body Service for Early Career Teachers in maintained schools, academies, sixth form and FE colleges.

Costs for the academic year 2023-2024

  • £250 per ECT per year. 
  • £400 per day for Fidelity Checks at schools who run a Core or School-led Induction Programme*.

*The total fee is per school and will depend on how many days or parts of days the Fidelity Checking takes to complete. 

  • If required, £95 per single term per ECT.
  • £200 one-off fee for Reduction of Induction Assessment Visits
  • We do not charge for Cause for Concern visits*

*But we reserve the right to charge an extra fee to cover our costs, if the Cause for Concern issue takes more than 2 days (or the equivalent) to resolve.

Induction for Early Career Teachers – Guidance 

Appropriate bodies guidance: induction and the early career framework

Appropriate Body Services include:

  • Bespoke support and advice for Head Teachers, Induction Tutors and ECTs via email, telephone and in-school visits.
  • Appropriate Body Induction Tutor Training.
  • Updates and guidance in changes within the statutory guidance on induction for Early Career Teachers.
  • Registering ECTs with the Teaching Regulation Agency and updating their induction status as appropriate.
  • Proactive quality assurance visits to support ECF provision in school.
  • Monitoring of all termly progress reviews.
  • Help and support with ECT Support Plans by phone or Zoom as required.
  • Review of end of year assessments.
  • Conducting cause for concern visits or reduced induction visits as required.

If you would like to nominate London District Teaching School Hub as your appropriate body – please email:

The Appropriate Body uses ECT Manager to monitor ECT’s progress